Welcome to Poly Partners©!

Welcome to the home of PolyPartners! Meet your one (or more than one) true love(s)!  Meet someone to fill an area that is lacking in your current relationship.  Meet other like-minded people for friendship, fun, dating, and sexy times.

A platform exclusively for consenting adults, for the ever-complicated poly dating? Finally, it’s here! We can’t promise great communication skills or matching safer sex practices but we can offer access to a like-minded community for you to explore and get to know.

Please Be:


Open with your partners.

Here’s a link to Ashley Madison if that doesn’t work for you! Https://www.AshleyMadison.com .

Communicate well.

Armed with safer sex practices.

Respectful of all the types of poly and non-monogamy. Your way works for you. It is not the only or best way.

Home of PolyPartners! Feeling the love tryad.

Besides friendship, this platform offers helpful articles to learn more about poly, delve deeper into poly, and hear people’s stories of the good and bad of their poly experiences.