Poly based educational groups, communities, and businesses are invited to participate in advertising on our platform.


Banner ads are a unique form of hypertext link. The difference is that instead of text, the link is shown as a box containing graphics and, sometimes, animation. By technical definition, they are rectangular graphic displays stretching across the top or bottom of a website or down the right or left sidebar. The graphic element makes a banner ad similar to its printed counterpart, but with the added ability to bring a customer directly to the advertiser’s website. They can either be static or animated, depending on the technology used to create them.

Note: You are committing to a monthly subscription, with recurring billing. Your ad will show up on our platform within 24 hours of being approved. Cancel at any time.

PACKAGE A – Stand Alone Ad – $25.00

Your ad may be placed on the top page, and 3 additional internal pages of your selection for $25.00 USD per month. This banner ad will be a stand alone visual banner, not included in a rotating ad set with multiple banners.



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PACKAGE B – Rotating Ad – $15.00

Your ad will be placed with other advertisers in a rotating (scrolling) banner ad set. This plan includes top page placement, and one internal page banner set.



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Please submit your desired banner and advertising text to Advertising@PolyPartners.Us

In your Email request please provide an attachment of your banner, the name and purpose of your organization or business, and the website to be connected to your ad.

You will be notified of your banner approval or denial by email.

Banner Ads will only be present on our website and not our mobile application.